Democratic Central Committee Coalition Launches The Coalition Empowerment Project--Yolo County

The Democratic Central Committee Coalition kicks off The Coalition Empowerment Project, a grassroots field program developed for the following 4 counties: Yolo, Sutter, Yuba & Solano, with the goal of empowering young people and promoting civic engagement through the implementation of a Democratic Central Committee Internship Program.

VR_event300.jpgIn Yolo County, 10 college students have been committing 15 hours per week to learn and develop skills in community organizing, voter registration and political engagement. Interns have hosted voter registration events, participated in political meetings and completed research projects on key issues for the 2014 midterm election.

“The Coalition Empowerment Project is about young people strengthening their voice in politics. With so many important issues at stake such as the environment and affordable education, it is an imperative for us to have a voice in our government. But it all starts with us,” says Maxine Sarai, Field Organizer for the Yolo County Democratic Central Committee.

The principal goal of the Coalition Empowerment Project is: 1) to create a pipeline of young people for Democratic & Labor politics, 2) to increase civic engagement within the Latino community and 3) to implement a field program based upon the best practices of the Obama campaign, the Garamendi for Congress campaign and the Labor movement. The program will host weekly training sessions, featuring guest speakers from the CA Democratic Party including: Carlos Alcala (Chair of the Chicano Latino Caucus) and Bob Schelen (Co-Chair of the Voter Registration Caucus).

Thus far, the Coalition Internship Program in Yolo County hosted 3 training sessions, completed 4 organizational development assignments, and planned 5 successful voter registration events – registering over 100 new Democratic voters. The Yolo County Coalition Interns will also be supporting the Central Committee’s efforts at the Yolo County Fair and their annual Bean Feed fundraiser.

The Coalition Empowerment Project is a program organized by the Democratic Central Committee Coalition, a collaborative effort between 4 Democratic Central Committees (Yolo, Yuba, Solano & Sutter Counties) committed to: 1) building the capacity of our local Democratic Party, 2) strengthening partnerships with the Latino community and Labor movement and 3) registering new Democratic voters.

For more information please contact Chris Selim at (408) 829-6109.

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